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David Carrier
David Carrier

2019 Up & Coming Attorneys: David Carrier

For David Carrier, the purpose of complex commercial litigation is straightforward – protecting his clients’ products.

“Both with product liability work that I do and with trade secret work, the litigation goes to the essence of what your client does. It goes to their product,” Carrier said.

Scott Lucas of Olson, Lucas, Redford & Wahlberg praises Carrier, “I worked as co-counsel with David and his firm on a recent high-stakes commercial litigation matter. I was extremely impressed with the overall quality of his work, his legal expertise, his poise under pressure and his interpersonal skills.”

Carrier said he likes the variety in his commercial litigation and product liability practice. An attorney since 2012, he has been with Bowman and Brooke LLP since 2017.

He cites as a significant example of his work a case involving a client’s former employee who misappropriated trade secrets and violated a noncompete clause. Initially, a temporary restraining order was issued against the former employee. He employee and new employer then moved to have the restraining order modified or partially dissolved.

Carrier said what normally would have been a one-hour motion hearing in Hennepin District Court turned into a two-day affair with testimony from several parties. Carrier cross-examined the CEO of the new employer for a couple of hours and obtained several admissions of evidence that were important for the court’s decision to issue a preliminary injunction in favor of Carrier’s client.

The case then settled and the agreement does not allow publication of the names of the plaintiffs or defendants, he said.

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