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Budget office idea gaining steam

The key financial committee leaders in both houses of the Legislature are withholding judgment for now, but their caucus leaders are striding forward with companion bills to remove the fiscal note process from MMB.

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Lobbying pressures force exchange move

For casual observers outside Minnesota health care policy circles, the health insurance exchange that’s being pursued under the strictures of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act appeared to be a collaborative process. At least until recently.

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MMB: Net cost of three-week government shutdown around $5 million

The net cost to the state of July's three-week partial government shutdown came to roughly $5 million, according to a report released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Management and Budget. During that time, Minnesota lost some $50 million in revenues that the state cannot recover, spent nearly $10.5 million in costs related to unemployment insurance, and spent another $10 million on special expenses associated with closing and then reopening many state services. But that $70 million or so in costs was largely offset by $65 million in payroll savings from the salaries of 19,000 laid-off state employees.

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