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Unsung: Matthew Fordyce

Matthew Fordyce

For years, Matthew Fordyce spent his summers working for his father’s construction business. But after a while, he got the itch to go in another direction. “I kind of stumbled into the notion of getting my paralegal certificate after thinking ...

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Unsung: Leslie Frye

Leslie Frye

It’s said that the reward for a job well done is often being handed more work to do. That’s just fine with Dorsey & Whitney Facilities and Conference Center Manager Leslie Frye. Frye started at Dorsey as a receptionist and ...

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Unsung: Sue Hartinger

Sue Hartinger

As an LAA in Stinson Leonard Street’s Energy, Environmental, Mining and Transportation division, Sue Hartinger has shown over the years that she’s got her own impressive reserves of energy. She came to Stinson after two decades as a valued legal ...

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Unsung: Jessica Heck

Jessica Heck

Jessica Heck spent many years in the resort and hotel industries before she made an important discovery. “Hotels never close,” she said. “I wanted more regular hours.” Which isn’t to say that Heck’s current job is a great deal easier ...

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