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Cristina (Nina) Campo
Cristina (Nina) Campo

2022 Up & Coming Attorneys: Cristina (Nina) Campo

Cint – Lucid Holdings, Inc.

Growing to match her responsibilities is something Nina Campo seems to do effortlessly.

Campo, who joined Lucid Holdings, Inc in 2020 as an associate counsel, became a part of Cint when it acquired Lucid in 2021. She was promoted to corporate and commercial counsel this year.

While the Lucid acquisition was pending and still confidential, Campo’s boss worked exclusively on the transaction, and had to let Campo manage day-to-day operations on her own. She did so spectacularly, supporting the company’s sales team of 200 and its $150 million revenue goal.

Campo was the sole attorney on the renewal for Lucid’s largest customer, which involved a $30 million contract that extended parts of Lucid’s services to the customer and supported their eventual transition to the new Cint platform.

“Twenty to 30% of the company revenue came from this customer,” Campo said. “They were the largest at the time, and continue to be a key partner, though now I’m in negotiations with our new largest.”

With Lucid and Cint combined, annual sales revenue has risen by 100%. Campo is still the only commercial attorney on the legal team, but she finds that the size of the deal doesn’t dictate its stress level. “I’ve learned from big customer negotiations that it doesn’t have to be a fight,” she said. “I’ve always taken the approach that, ‘That’s a great idea, but how about if we do it this way?’ We’re all working toward the same goal.”

Campo won the sales partner of the year award that year, and the recognition reflected what she loves about her job. “It’s rewarding to know that my work affects the bottom line,” she said. “But I also know that a $30 million commitment means that people get to keep their jobs, and that’s what it’s really about.”

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