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Board recommends campaign law changes

During the 1992 election cycle, individuals could contribute a total of $2,000 to state House and Senate campaigns. But during the next legislative session, those campaign contribution limits were dramatically reduced. The new caps on individual contributions to state legislative campaigns: $100 in non-election years and $500 in election years.

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The devilish details of voter ID costs

It’s hard to put a price tag on an unfinished product. That’s the dilemma facing Minnesota taxpayers interested in knowing how much the voter ID amendment to the state constitution will cost before they cast their ballot on the matter this November.

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Emmer accuses Hamline University of rescinding job offer because of faculty outcry

Former GOP gubernatorial nominee Tom Emmer is accusing Hamline University of rescinding a job offer owing to criticism from faculty over his conservative views. Emmer claims he had a signed contract to serve as an "executive in residence" at Hamline's business school, but that the appointment fell apart after dissent surfaced specifically over his opposition to gay marriage.

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