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Post-2008 changes to state law probably won’t prevent ballot challenges

Following the 2008 U.S. Senate recount of nearly 3 million ballots, the state canvassing board was left with more than 6,600 challenged ballots from all corners of the state. Those ballots were selected by representatives of both former Sen. Norm Coleman and Sen. Al Franken for a host of reasons, ranging from stray marks to any writing on the ballots that might identify the original voter.

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Supreme Court denies Emmer petition

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Monday denied a petition from Republican Tom Emmer and the Minnesota GOP arguing that local elections officials failed to properly reconcile the number of votes cast with the number of voters registered. The decision paved the way for the state canvassing board to certify the election results on Tuesday and move forward with an automatic recount that's scheduled to begin next week.

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‘Phantom votes’ suit hangs over gov recount

In Republican state party chair Tony Sutton's view, the alleged failure of local election officials to properly reconcile the number of ballots cast with the numbers of voters who signed in at polling places may have resulted in "tens of thousands" of improperly counted ballots. They could prove crucial in a contest that Republican Tom Emmer currently trails by nearly 9,000 votes as it heads for a recount.

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