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Teachers union may get schooled

A ferocious pushback by Education Minnesota cast the 70,000-member statewide teacher's union in the role of session bogeyman. The union and its head, Tom Dooher, fought the bill to a standstill in the end; it lost by a tight 68-65 margin in the House, and did not reach the floor in the Senate.

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Horner ponders his future

Tom Horner took a bigger risk than most when he embarked on his run for governor of Minnesota. The former Republican pundit and strategist turned Independence Party candidate alienated many of his old political allies when he switched party affiliation to challenge to GOP candidate Tom Emmer and DFLer Mark Dayton.

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Horner: GOP ban shows party polarization

Tom Horner alienated many of his old political allies in the Republican Party when he switched to the Independence Party to run for the governor's office. His estrangement from the Republican Party was made even clearer over the weekend, when GOP delegates voted for a ban on 18 high-profile Republicans who supported him. Horner says move reflects a party that is polarized and extreme.

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