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Mark Holmberg
Mark Holmberg

2022 Unsung Legal Heroes: Mark Holmberg

Stinson LLP

Behind every law firm is a cadre of technology specialists who understand and build software programs to improve operations. They consult with attorneys to assist them in capturing data and creating documents, presentations and other materials.

Business Systems Analyst Mark Holmberg has been one of the technologists at Stinson LLP for nearly 30 years, managing all kinds of behind the scene tasks. For example, during the pandemic Holmberg led the development of tools for the Work Allocation Monitoring System, which aids associates in identifying gaps in competency skills and provides opportunity to establish action plans as steps toward experiencing them.

The program utilizes familiar resources, Holmberg said — spreadsheets to score skills and the annual review software to create plans and keep a collaborative log. “Associates can hit the ground running to establish a score baseline, then work with their development partner to create individualized paths to success,” he said.

Another program Holmberg helped deliver from an external software vendor involves tracking continuing legal education classes taken by the firm’s attorneys and required from them to maintain their licensure. Stinson has a dedicated staff who track attorney CLE hours and find or offer course opportunities for attorneys who may be short ethics or general credits as jurisdiction filing deadlines approach, he said.

A fundamental philosophy in configuring the CLE software or any tool he supports is “software should aid, not hamper, what a user sets out to do.” Holmberg starts by learning a team’s business and needs, then translates and teaches the inner workings of the software so that the team can maximize its potential. “Here, and elsewhere, it’s rewarding to see a team dive into the capabilities of a tool and expand the skills and services they’re offering as a result,” he said.

Holmberg started in law as a temp in the early 1990s, stumbling upon a law firm that became his career. “I’ve always enjoyed the people who I work with and the opportunities for learning and growth particularly when what I do helps people and the firm become the best they can be,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

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