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Ashton Boon
Ashton Boon

In-House Counsel 2021: Ashton Boon

Last March, Mayo Clinic legal counsel Ashton Boon switched to an administrative job to assist with the system’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boon pulled together a team that created a helpline, case forms, and other materials to contact trace symptomatic and exposed employees in all of Mayo’s sites across four states. “It was a huge win for us to be able to quarantine exposed employees quickly and make sure that staff was healthy,” she said.

Developing a COVID informational website for employees followed. Mayo rode a few surges around Thanksgiving and Christmas by modulating staffing levels in response to quarantined employees. “It was a wild ride,” she said, even if the clinic avoided suffering a mass outbreak.

Now Boon has returned to her legal counsel duties managing regulatory compliance issues. The role touches on a wide variety of concerns, from Medicare/Medicaid billing to research involving clinical trials. It’s the kind of work she sought since first deciding to attend law school.

The Missouri native developed an early interest in health care as a nurse’s child who saw her father die of AIDS. After college, she sought a law degree in health care regulatory compliance and found few schools offering that expertise except Hamline University School of Law, now Mitchell Hamline. At Hamline, she suffered a debilitating back tumor that sent her to Mayo for treatment.

The clinic provided such great care that Boon made her career goal to work there someday. After earning her law degree, she joined the clinic’s compliance team in 2012, rising to legal counsel in 2018.

Adding to her busy schedule, Boon serves on the board of three nonprofits and found time to celebrate her blended family in a kids-only small July marriage ceremony. Health care remains her passion. “I’m just overwhelmed with knowing that I have that opportunity to help Mayo’s staff make a difference,” she said.

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