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Judge Leahy reprimanded

Barbara L. Jones//March 19, 2020//

Judge Leahy reprimanded

Barbara L. Jones//March 19, 2020//

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The Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards has issued a public reprimand to Judge Mary Carroll Leahy. Because Leahy did not demand a formal hearing, this public reprimand is the final action in the matter.

The reprimand states that Leahy did not properly supervise her law clerk, X.X., contrary to Minnesota Judicial Branch policies and despite receiving notice of the importance of compliance with the policies. This element had mostly to do with timekeeping. It also states that she had inappropriate electronic communication with X.X. Some were disparaging to attorneys and parties.

Leahy was found to violate Rule 1.2 (Promoting Confidence in the Judiciary); Rule 2.8(B) (Decorum and Demeanor); and Rule 2.12 (Supervisory Duties). Conduct also violated Rule 4(a)(2), (5), and (6) Rules of the Board on Judicial Standards, providing that grounds for discipline include a persistent failure to perform judicial duties; conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute; and conduct that constitutes a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct or Rules of Professional Conduct.

“The Board directs Judge Leahy to determine and address the causes of her conduct. If the conduct continues, the Board will consider whether additional discipline is appropriate,” the reprimand concludes.

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