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Senate charges ahead on medical marijuana

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk explained that the Senate’s quickened pace came at Dayton’s urging. “The governor, probably about two weeks ago, actually asked the Legislature to move on the bill,” Bakk said. “I guess, at his request, we thought we would show him that courtesy.”

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Standoff over MSOP at a critical juncture

After years of inactivity punctuated by sporadic talks at the Legislature, the issue of Minnesota’s civil commitment of the sexually dangerous seems to be coming to a head. The question now is whether a judge will intervene to force changes in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program before the 2014 Legislature even convenes.

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MSOP: Settlement or court action?

Over the past year, there have been more than 60 hours of settlement talks between lawyers representing nearly 700 civilly committed sex offenders and the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. On Thursday, they will meet again to try to negotiate an end to a class-action lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the troubled Minnesota Sex Offender Program.

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House inaction dooms MSOP reforms

At a Friday morning committee hearing, just 10 days before the close of the legislative session, Rep. Steve Drazkowski offered an idea for dealing with the state’s troubled civil commitment program for sex offenders. Drazkowski proposed creating a bipartisan task force to recommend changes to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program.

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