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Unionization bill clears Senate after epic 17-hour debate

DFL Sen. Sandy Pappas (Staff photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher) Following an extraordinary overnight debate, the Senate passed legislation Wednesday morning allowing child care providers and personal care assistant to join labor union . The controversial proposal carried by a 35-32 vote after 17 hours on the floor, and four DFL senators ultimately joined all Republicans in voting against it.

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Unionization bill clears Senate committee on second try

Legislation that would allow child care providers and personal care assistants to join labor unions was sent to the Senate floor on a 12-10 vote Wednesday evening. The bill cleared the Senate Finance Committee without a recommendation of support, the third committee it has advanced out of without explicit backing from its members.

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‘Prosperity Act’ clears Senate chamber

The Minnesota Senate has passed the “Prosperity Act” -- better known as the “Dream Act” -- which would allow undocumented immigrants to receive instate tuition rates. The bill would also allow undocumented students to receive financial aid and scholarships if the students go to a Minnesota high school for at least three years and graduate.

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