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The POWER 30: Personal Injury Law 2021

Welcome to THE POWER LIST, a new regular feature from Minnesota Lawyer that will examine the power brokers who lead and influence various parts of the Minnesota legal community.

Click on the image above to see the full magazine.

Click on the image above to see the full magazine.

For POWER 30, our inaugural edition of THE POWER LIST, we’ve chosen to focus on personal injury lawyers.

There are, of course, many fine lawyers who handle motor-vehicle collisions, product-related injuries, wrongful deaths, medical injuries and the like. In POWER 30, we have focused on those whose mere presence on a case signifies the stakes, who have influenced the direction of the law, whose leadership in the community is pervasive and whose respect within the bar is undeniable.

To build the list, we interviewed respected attorneys and other leaders around the state, reviewed outcomes of myriad significant cases handled by these and other attorneys, and consulted the archives of Minnesota Lawyer to highlight people whose achievements and influence we recognize as powerful personal injury attorneys in Minnesota.

Jeff Anderson

Robert Bennett

Nate Bjerke

Michael Ciresi and Kathleen Flynn Peterson

John Dornik

Kyle Farrar

Yvonne Flaherty

Wil Fluegel

Paul Godlewski

Michael Hall III

Bill Harper

Paula Jossart

Robert J. King

Mark Kosieradski

Cortney LeNeave

Teresa Farris McClain

Chris Messerly

Dan O’Leary

Jennifer Olson

Paul D. Peterson

Fred Pritzker

Richard Ruohonen

Brandon Thompson

Joshua Tuchscherer

Sharon Van Dyck

Greg Walsh and Mark Gaertner

Scott Wilson

Genevieve Zimmerman

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