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RNC 8 case ends with plea bargains

The four remaining members of the so-called RNC 8 pleaded guilty this morning to gross misdemeanor charges that will not result in any jail time. Defendants Rob Czernick and Max Spektor pleaded to one count each of conspiracy to commit riot, while Garrett Fitzgerald and Nathanael Secor pleaded to one count each of conspiracy to destroy property.

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Moua backs down on gang database ban

Sen. Mee Moua has dropped her proposal to prohibit law enforcement agencies from maintaining electronic databases of gang members. The proposed ban -- designed to protect privacy and civil liberties -- had drawn pointed criticism from some law enforcement officials.

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Senate committee punts on Moua’s gang data bill

Sen. Mee Moua's controversial proposal to prohibit law-enforcement agencies from maintaining gang databases came before the Senate's State and Local Government Operation and Oversight Committee on Friday afternoon. Supporters and detractors of the measure were primed for a debate. Deputies from the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office and community activists concerned about police misconduct filled the committee room.

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