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Rising GOP tide lifted some lobbyists’ boats

Members of the Capitol lobbying corps could have been excused for thinking they were in the wrong building at the start of the 2011 legislative session. A new administration and 60 new legislators took office in St. Paul, and a new complement of Republican leaders and chairs took the place of DFLers in both legislative chambers. The Capitol building itself was just about the only thing that resembled the state of affairs from the prior year.

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Taxing times for new revenue commissioner

Myron Frans didn't ease into his new role in the Minnesota political world. Within days of starting his job as Gov. Mark Dayton's head of Revenue on April 6, Frans and Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter penned a contentious letter to Republican leaders. It warned them that their budgets were at least $1.2 billion shy of solving the state's $5 billion budget deficit, and were based on unsound fiscal notes and estimates.

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Revenue commissioner Einess stepping down

Minnesota revenue commissioner Ward Einess is leaving office on December 3 to start his own lobbying shop. Einess also served in Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration as acting director of the Department of Employment and Economic Development and as a senior policy adviser.

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