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State’s pols rally around presidential challengers

Supporting Michele Bachmann’s presidential bid wasn’t necessarily an easy decision for David FitzSimmons. While the three-term Republican congresswoman would seem a natural choice for FitzSimmons, who chairs the Republican Party in her home 6th District, he was squarely in the Ron Paul camp during the 2008 election and worked for his campaign.

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Target/MN Forward debacle dampening corporate indie spending on elections

MN Forward had bold plans for the 2010 campaign season. Last spring the business-backed political group, a venture jointly launched by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Business Partnership, laid out a fundraising goal of $10 million to bankroll its initial foray into electoral politics, according to a planning document obtained by Capitol Report.

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Pawlenty’s Freedom First team

In October, Gov. Tim Pawlenty established the Freedom First PAC to solicit donations and funnel contributions to Republican candidates across the country. Here's a look at the key players advising Pawlenty as he contemplates a 2012 GOP presidential bid.

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