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GAMC override effort likely to wait for a week or two

Though the Senate would be first to take up any GAMC override attempt, the Senate DFL caucus is reportedly deferring to House leadership's wishes on timing. And House DFLers are likely to take a week or two to feel out minority members on whether it's possible to win the support of at least three of them on an override.

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GAMC showdown: Can the House muster enough votes to override the governor?

At first blush, it would seem that Democrats should have little difficulty overriding Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of General Assistance Medical Care legislation. The bill passed both legislative chambers, after all, by overwhelming margins. The House backed the revamped health-care program -- which provides coverage to poor, single adults -- by a 125-9 margin. The Senate then ratified the decision by a 47-16 margin.

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