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Lawsuit fallout could add to state’s cash crunch

Ramsey County District Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin's Dec. 30 order invalidating a $5.3-million human services cut made unilaterally by the Republican governor isn't taking center stage at the Legislature.

But if other groups affected by the $2.7 billion in unallotments also take Pawlenty to court, the budget hole could grow larger.

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Major players reluctant to join unallotment fray

Whether Pawlenty overstepped his authority or not, Minnesota's still facing an additional $1.2 billion deficit in the current budget cycle.

This means that many interest groups that might have challenged the governor's budgetary authority are reticent about getting involved in litigation.

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Unallotment redux? The forecast, the deficit and the ticking clock

For budget watchers at the Capitol, the main question concerning the November economic forecast that will be released at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday is how big is the hole? Most observers we've talked to are expecting an additional revenue shortfall on the high side of the $500 million to $1 billion range. Many also think the news could be followed by more unilateral budget cuts from Gov. Tim Pawlenty before the Legislature reconvenes in February.

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