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Tony Sutton

Dec 7, 2011

GOP party chair field: Many strong potential challengers rule out run

In the five days since Tony Sutton resigned as chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, many names have been floated as potential replacements. But only one potential challenger -- GOP activist Sue Jeffers -- has stated that they're seriously considering seeking the post. Many others have ruled out a run for the cash-strapped party's top post.

Dec 5, 2011

Republican infighting rises as state party looks to fill leadership void

The short knives are out in the Republican Party. Former GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb harshly criticized 2010 gubernatorial nominee Tom Emmer at Saturday's State Central Committee gathering. "I think Republicans nominated the one candidate who couldn't possibly win in 2010," Brodkorb told Minnesota Public Radio.

Dec 3, 2011

Kelly Fenton wins GOP deputy chair post

Kelly Fenton won a five-candidate contest on Saturday to become the state Republican Party's new deputy chair.

Nov 30, 2011

State GOP confronts debt load heading into 2012

On Saturday Republicans will gather in Bloomington for a meeting of the party’s State Central Committee. Among the agenda items for the roughly 350 delegates: electing a new deputy chair and approving the party’s 2012 budget.

Nov 23, 2011

State GOP budget contains no salary for deputy chair, executive director posts

The proposed 2012 budget for the state Republican party contains no funding for the deputy chair or executive director positions, according to an email sent out on Tuesday by eight members of the party's executive committee. The email was sent out to the party's roughly 350 state central delegates, who will gather on December 3 to elect a new deputy chair and approve the budget.

Nov 9, 2011

All quiet at Fort Klobuchar

Try as she might, there are occasions when Sen. Amy Klobuchar can’t please everyone. Last month the DFL freshman senator drew national headlines when teen idol Justin Bieber declared that she should be “locked up” for sponsoring legislation that would make streaming unlicensed online content a felony.

Oct 26, 2011

Fenton is early front-runner in race to replace Brodkorb

Kelly Fenton is a veteran of Minnesota legislative campaigns. She ran popular freshman Sen. Ted Lillie’s successful campaign in Woodbury last fall and is president of the Minnesota Excellence in Public Service Series (MEPSS), a women’s leadership and political training program that has served as a breeding ground for successful legislative candidates.

Oct 21, 2011

Brodkorb: Sutton chose not to appoint interim GOP deputy party chair

Brodkorb is responding to a passage in the Politics in Minnesota Weekly Report, in which a background source with knowledge of the proceedings said the state party’s executive committee blocked Sutton from appointing an interim chair.

Oct 12, 2011

Why gambling expansion remains a long-shot bet

A steady downpour didn’t keep Indian gambling workers from flocking outside the state Capitol in St. Paul last April. At least 1,500 people gathered outside on the building’s steps, some arriving by the busload from reservations hours away. Clad in raincoats and shielded by a canopy of umbrellas, workers thrust signs into the air that read, “Rural jobs count too” and “Don’t gamble wit[...]

Sep 27, 2011

MN GOP will hold presidential straw poll at Midwest Leadership Conference

The Minnesota GOP party will conduct a presidential straw poll in conjunction with next month's Midwest Leadership Conference in Bloomington. Only participants in the conference will be eligible to participate.

Sep 14, 2011

Zellers and Dean: Daycare unionization is ‘clearly beyond the scope of the governor’s power’

GOP House leaders are warning Gov. Mark Dayton not to unilaterally unionize home daycare providers through an executive order. In a letter sent on Wednesday, Speaker Kurt Zellers and Majority Leader Matt Dean argue that such a step would violate the state constitution by usurping legislative powers.

Sep 7, 2011

State’s pols rally around presidential challengers

Supporting Michele Bachmann’s presidential bid wasn’t necessarily an easy decision for David FitzSimmons. While the three-term Republican congresswoman would seem a natural choice for FitzSimmons, who chairs the Republican Party in her home 6th District, he was squarely in the Ron Paul camp during the 2008 election and worked for his campaign.

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