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House DFL contemplates a world after Margaret

As the 86th Minnesota Legislature commences its last lap, most members think the session is likelier to end with a whimper than a bang. Barring the unexpected — the undoing of Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s $2.7 billion in unallotments by the Minnesota Supreme Court, or a holdup in the federal passage of additional FMAP health care dollars — all that’s really left is the resolution of another $155 million in health and human services cuts. But there's a House DFL leadership contest lurking behind the gubernatorial race to which everyone is now turning their attention.

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Murphy: a new force in the House

If there’s anything to the notion that all politics is personal, then it’s not hard to see how Erin Murphy wound up in the Minnesota Legislature. Murphy, the DFL state representative from St. Paul, is a nurse by profession. She comes from what she describes as a “big Irish Catholic family” that lionized John F. Kennedy.

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House falls short of GAMC veto override

After two hours-plus of floor debate this afternoon, House Democrats failed to peel off a single Republican vote to override Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of General Assistance Medical Care legislation. House DFLers came up three votes shy of the two-thirds majority required to enact the bill without Pawlenty's signature.

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GAMC showdown: Can the House muster enough votes to override the governor?

At first blush, it would seem that Democrats should have little difficulty overriding Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of General Assistance Medical Care legislation. The bill passed both legislative chambers, after all, by overwhelming margins. The House backed the revamped health-care program -- which provides coverage to poor, single adults -- by a 125-9 margin. The Senate then ratified the decision by a 47-16 margin.

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