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Proposals to tweak forfeiture rules introduced

Three different proposals dealing with the state's criminal forfeiture laws have been introduced by Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder, at the Legislature recently. The bills, however, would only make minor changes to the existing rules pertaining to when law-enforcement officers can permanently seize property.

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Can hemp grow jobs?

Although the issue of medical marijuana seems dead for the duration of Session 2011, one related issue is making its way through the legislative machinery. Industrial hemp is gaining momentum at the Capitol, even though a proposal on the subject appears destined for trouble in public safety committees.

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Cuts bill exposes GOP divisions

When it came time to vote on the first $1 billion budget cutting bill from Republican leadership in the Ways and Means Committee, it was no surprise that all the DFL members voted against it. They say the bill, which proposes to extend one-time cuts to local government aid, human services and higher education that were part of a budget deal last session, has been rushed through the committee process.

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