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Gun proposals stall in the Legislature

After debating a bill to expand background checks to gun shows, private sales and online sales for nearly two hours Wednesday morning, the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee reconvened in the evening only for a moment to lay over the bill instead of taking a vote, leaving the fate of background checks hanging in limbo.

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Gun play: A DFL bill the NRA can love

It was a rare sight in politics: A suburban DFL lawmaker stood in front of the Minnesota House chamber surrounded by nearly a dozen Republicans, a sheriff, and close at hand was a spokesman for the National Rifle Association (NRA). They were there to introduce a DFL-sponsored, NRA-backed gun bill.

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House lawmakers introduce new gun proposal without universal background checks

With less than two weeks to go before legislators hit a deadline to pass policy proposals, DFL Rep. Deb Hilstrom and more than 70 co-sponsors in the House introduced a proposal that would increase penalties for felons convicted of possessing firearms and makes it a felony for individuals who provide false reports of stolen or lost firearms or knowingly purchase a gun for an ineligible person. The bill would also step up law enforcement collection and sharing of background check data.

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Despite legal peril, no movement on MSOP

On Wednesday, legislation dealing with the Minnesota Sex Offender Program was introduced in the House. Rep. Debra Hilstrom, DFL-Brooklyn Park, offered a bill that would require any civilly committed sex offender who is convicted of a felony while at MSOP to serve prison time.

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Beyond the budget 2013

The path through any budget session leads to a negotiating table at which the governor and legislative leaders work out the most politically palatable taxing and spending deal they can muster. But the budget is never the only game in town. Before the session endgame gets played out, a network of committees will play host to various and sundry dramas involving policy issues before state government.

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