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Budget forecast: The red sea

Minnesota is facing a fiscal mess. That much has been evident for a long time. Last November's budget forecast showed the state facing a $5.4 billion shortfall in the next two-year cycle. Three months later, that number had swelled to $5.8 billion. Put another way, that's roughly 20 percent of the state's total general fund budget in the current biennium.

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Stinson: Economic picture improving – slowly

Following Thursday's disclosure that Minnesota was facing a larger-than-expected $6.2 billion budget deficit for the next biennium, state economist Tom Stinson said that while things appear grim from a fiscal standpoint, the state's economy has been steadily if modestly improving, a trend he expects to continue.

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Rx for Dayton: focus on education

DFL gubernatorial nominee Mark Dayton has not had a good September. The Department of Revenue estimated that his proposed tax increase on the rich would yield not quite half of the $4 billion he originally claimed it would generate; when Dayton submitted a revised budget, it got the tax proceeds right but still fell almost $1 billion of solving the deficit.

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