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Rochester DFL reps passed over by agriculture PACs

The Minnesota Farm Bureau is backing Republican candidates running against incumbent Reps. Kim Norton and Tina Liebling, both of whom are Rochester DFLers. The Minnesota Farmers Union, which is known for being more DFL friendly than the Farm Bureau, also has reservations about Liebling and Norton.

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How reforms to criminal property forfeiture stalled out at the Legislature

In 2009, there were 4,895 incidents across the state in which police officers permanently seized property from individuals allegedly involved in criminal activity. Almost all of these seizures involved cash, firearms or vehicles. The total street value of the haul, according to a study released this week by the State Auditor’s office: $4.8 million. That money helped bolster the coffers of police departments and county attorneys across the state.

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Rybak adds legislative support

R.T. Rybak called a Capitol press conference this afternoon to announce support from seven state legislators for his gubernatorial campaign. The only problem: the House and Senate members were still stuck trying to complete their work before the Easter break.

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Bill to rein in police seizures stalls

Cops shouldn’t be allowed to “eat what they kill.” That was the message conveyed by Rep. Tina Liebling at Thursday’s hearing before the House’s Civil Justice Committee. The Rochester Democrat was seeking support for legislation that would overhaul the state’s rules governing forfeiture of property associated with criminal activity.

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