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The New Republic

Jul 25, 2013

Mayo Clinic deal draws scrutiny from The New Republic

Can Rochester become like Boulder, Colorado? That's the question raised by a lengthy piece in The New Republic about the Mayo Clinic's planned $5.6 billion "destination medical center."

Dec 22, 2010

PolyMet: The shape of things to come?

After unsuccessful efforts in two recent sessions to push legislation toughening regulations related to the PolyMet mining project near Hoyt Lakes, DFL Rep. Alice Hausman now has a simpler strategy for 2011: Play defense on any front that presents itself.

Dec 10, 2010

Lobbyists work overtime to master big freshman wave of 2011

There will be 60 new legislators wandering the Capitol halls when the 2011 session starts - an impressive figure, but it pales beside the number of lobbyists and PR people who are presently scrambling to figure out who all those new faces belong to.

Oct 22, 2010

Emmer makes TNR’s list of ‘nutjob’ candidates

The New Republic has compiled a list of the country's "craziest Republican candidates." At the top of the lefty publication's roll call: Tom Emmer.

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