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SD 28 race puts longtime DFL seat in play

Joe Fricke has heard the words “political newcomer” many times. It’s what the news media and opponents are calling the 28-year-old law school graduate as he vies for a coveted seat in the Minnesota Senate. And while the label connotes a lack of experience, Fricke thinks it’s precisely that lack of experience that could be his ticket to St. Paul.

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13 could be lucky number for Senate GOP

Around convention time in the spring, Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem, R-Rochester, boasted that his caucus would retake the chamber’s majority in November. Considering Senate Republicans’ 38-year stranglehold on minority status, and the 13 seats that his troops will need to gain to make good on the pledge, it amounts to a tall order.

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Retiring state senator Steve Murphy praises bipartisanship, bemoans ‘polarizing politics’

State Sen. Steve Murphy’s official line for retiring is to find more family time, but he sounds as if he might just be sick and tired of lawmaking. Words like “nonsense” and “turmoil” come out when Murphy speaks of the political process at the Capitol these days, and Murphy pines for the days when bipartisanship, in his view, was more common, such as when he came to St. Paul in 1993.

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Gigantic policy bills carry risks, rewards

With supplemental budget talks on hold and the state party conventions close at hand, there’s a general — and generally accurate — perception that activity at the Legislature has slowed to a snail’s pace. Some key figures, like Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, have even talked of a mid-session recess.

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March Madness recap (conventions edition)

The month of March witnessed several interesting endorsing conventions for state legislative seats. In many instances, the conventions sorted out who will carry their party’s banner in November. In other cases, the endorsed candidates are being challenged in a primary. Here’s a rundown of what occurred at some of the notable conventions from the month past.

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