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Dynamics change for K-12 lobbying ‘cartel’

DFL Rep. Mindy Greiling has spent years wrangling with the likes of education lobbyists as groups tried to sway the former House K-12 finance chairwoman to change longstanding policies or win a bigger piece of the multibillion-dollar budget pie. But no other group was more persistent, or powerful, than the so-called “education cartel.”

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The No Deal era

As gut-check time descends upon the parties to Minnesota’s looming government shutdown, perceptions around the Capitol as to who’s winning and who’s on the verge of blinking differ radically — and, unsurprisingly, mainly along partisan lines. If there’s one point on which nearly all observers agree, it’s that the polarization between governor and Legislature that characterized the Tim Pawlenty era is only deepening with time.

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Taking care of business in SD 56

When strategists talk about swing districts, they’re talking about places like Senate District 56. While the east metro suburban area is currently represented by an all-DFL cast in the Minnesota Legislature, Republicans could have made the same boast less than five years ago.

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Chai Lee lands endorsement from Pakou Hang

Pakou Hang is backing Chai Lee in the crowded Senate District 67 contest. In 2005, Hang ran for a St. Paul City Council seat, losing out to Sixth Ward incumbent Dan Bostrom by less than 400 votes. Perhaps more relevant to the current St. Paul Senate contest: Hang was the campaign manager for Mee Moua's initial successful campaign in 2002.

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Kelliher is counting on her campaign’s formidable organizing talent

In the days leading up to the DFL state convention in Duluth, the widespread belief was that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak had established crucial momentum. Of course, that’s not exactly how it played out. Kelliher led on all six ballots and exited the convention center with the party’s backing. Rybak went back to Minneapolis City Hall. In the end, organization trumped charisma. Kelliher earned the party’s nod through months of meticulous planning, a well-executed convention floor plan, loyal support from her fellow House members and a final boost from organized labor.

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