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Endorsement battles may loom for GOP moderates

There is a lot of uncertainty about the 2012 legislative election season. Most significantly, nobody knows exactly what legislative districts will look like when the redistricting process — which is expected to drag on into February or March — is finally completed.

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Many in GOP base angry at Legislature

If you hear political activists calling for change in the 2012 state House and Senate elections, you won’t be faulted for thinking that the rhetoric must be coming from DFLers. After all, Democrats lost control of both chambers in a 2010 election that saw a conservative tide roll across Minnesota and the rest of the country.

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Tea Party activism: MIA in MN?

On a Saturday afternoon in July, a dozen or so locals sat under a gazebo in Central Park in downtown North Branch. "Wanted: Karl Marx" posters were stapled to the gazebo, and a welcome sign and a waving Don't Tread on Me flag greeted members of the Old North Church Tea Party to what was billed as a candidate forum.

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Grand Old Party or Tea Party?

A scene from a recent Thursday night in east central Minnesota: Roughly 100 people are gathered in the basement of Tobies Restaurant & Bakery in Hinckley. The occasion is a fundraiser for Republican state House candidate Rudy Takala, a 21-year-old conservative firebrand who is seeking to oust two-term DFL Rep. Tim Faust.

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The money hunt: GOP primaries

Republicans are slated to squared off in a handful of competitive state legislative primary contests on August 10. In most instances, the GOP rivals are vying to take on a DFL incumbent in districts that look winnable.

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