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Dayton meets with former finance commissioners

Former Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton, who is facing a likely recount in the Minnesota governor's race against GOP nominee Tom Emmer, aligned finance officials of the last four governors on Wednesday to talk about the $6 billion budget deficit and long term fiscal problems in the state.

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Dayton plays to moderates, tries to avoid late miscues

In the final weeks leading up to the general election, Democratic political operatives and pundits seem haunted by what many refer to as “the ghost of Mike Hatch.” Like this year’s DFL gubernatorial nominee, Mark Dayton, Hatch was leading in nearly every poll in the final month before Election Day 2006, and Democrats across the state were starting to see a clear path to the governor’s office for the first time since Iron Ranger Rudy Perpich won re-election in 1986.

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Possible Iron Range leadership sweep worries some Democrats

There is erosion on the horizon for the region's standing in the legislative balance of power; population declines have many predicting a loss of seats in the 2012 round of redistricting. Which makes it all the more ironic that the stars could be aligning for a 2011 Iron Range leadership sweep in the legislative and executive branches that some lawmakers find unpalatable.

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Smith: Minnesota needs college graduates

In the classic 1981 comedy “Stripes,” the Bill Murray character tells his rowdy pals from Chicago not to worry about credentials as they prepared to enter a Soviet-bloc country, mistakenly promising that it would be just like “going into Wisconsin.”

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Can the DFL endorsement — for once — spell election?

Among the many reasons the DFL party establishment wants Margaret Anderson Kelliher to triumph in both next month’s primary and in the November general election is to finally halt the notorious string of ballot box failures wrought by its endorsed candidates for governor. The last time the DFL endorsement process lined up behind a gubernatorial winner was in the case of Rudy Perpich back in 1986. But that hardly counts, because Perpich was the incumbent at the time, a distinction he earned only after defeating the previous DFL endorsee, Warren Spannaus, in the 1982 primary.

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Avner: Minnesota then and now

Marcia Avner has many tales to tell from her nearly 40 years of involvement in Minnesota politics. Avner, who just turned 67, is stepping down in September as public policy director for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, a title she’s held since 1996. She will hardly be retreating from public life, however. In a conversation last Thursday, she discussed the state’s changing political culture during the many years in which she has been a first-hand witness.

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