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House DFL eyes rare pickup chance in Edina

In May 2008, Republican activists in House District 41A voted not to endorse nine-term moderate Republican incumbent Ron Erhardt. They were frustrated, in part, by Erhardt's vote to override Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of a transportation bill that increased the state's gas tax. Instead Republicans in the Edina district threw their support to political neophyte Keith Downey.

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Override Sixers enjoy IP hospitality

Two former GOP representatives who took political knocks from their party after they voted with DFLers in 2008 to override GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of a transportation bill are finding a more hospitable crowd at today's Independence Party Convention.

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Retiring state senator Steve Murphy praises bipartisanship, bemoans ‘polarizing politics’

State Sen. Steve Murphy’s official line for retiring is to find more family time, but he sounds as if he might just be sick and tired of lawmaking. Words like “nonsense” and “turmoil” come out when Murphy speaks of the political process at the Capitol these days, and Murphy pines for the days when bipartisanship, in his view, was more common, such as when he came to St. Paul in 1993.

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March Madness recap (conventions edition)

The month of March witnessed several interesting endorsing conventions for state legislative seats. In many instances, the conventions sorted out who will carry their party’s banner in November. In other cases, the endorsed candidates are being challenged in a primary. Here’s a rundown of what occurred at some of the notable conventions from the month past.

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