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Lawsuit: Shutdown means stop

On Monday, yet another legal petition regarding the terms of a state government shutdown is expected to be filed in Ramsey County District Court, and this one makes a very simple case: In the event of a shutdown, priority funding should go to — no one. Nothing gets funded. Any such arrangement is illegal on its face according to the Minnesota Constitution.

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Republican challengers blasted per diems in 2010 – and all but one claim them now

There are more costs associated with being an elected official than Republican Rep. Deb Kiel realized. The first-term legislator from Crookston said she didn't anticipate the money she would have to spend on things like travel and communications. She has been able to save some money by living with her son, who is a student at the McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, but said she still needs to tap the per diem payments that she and every other legislator are allotted to help cover the costs.

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