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Meet the freshmen: House DFL (part 1)

As he talked about meeting with thousands of potential voters on the campaign trail, Jason Metsa found himself using a certain word, and paused to acknowledge what it meant. “Those people are now my constituents,” he said.

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Who punched their ticket to the Capitol on Tuesday?

For most candidates getting past the primary election is merely the first electoral hurdle that must be surmounted prior to joining the Legislature. But for candidates in districts that tilt heavily in favor of either the DFL or GOP, the primary race can effectively serve as the only meaningful contest.

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Minnesota 2012 primary races (so far) recount free

Secretary of State spokeswoman Pat Turgeon confirmed Wednesday that no races are heading to a recount as of yet. One race got close: North Minneapolis' House District 59B DFL primary featured a slight, 19-point spread between winning candidate Raymond Dehn and second place finisher Terra Cole, but it still fell outside the .5 percent margin of total votes cast to trigger a recount.

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Legislative primaries shake out across Minnesota

The shape of all 201 Minnesota legislative contests this fall is now set after more than 40 primary races across the state were settled on Tuesday. In some instances, DFLers and Republicans won contests in partisan strongholds and have almost assuredly secured their place in the Legislature next session. In others, incumbent lawmakers were ousted by intra-party challengers.

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