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PPP: Obama, Klobuchar “safe bets” in Minnesota

President Barack Obama is seven points ahead of Romney in the most recent statewide poll from Public Policy Polling. Among likely Minnesota voters, 51 percent support Obama, and 44 percent are planning to vote for Romney. The new results show Romney closing the gap on the incumbent since PPP's June survey, when Obama's lead stood at 54-39.

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Debt deal cuts will trickle down eventually

With a stroke of his pen Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed the Budget Control Act of 2011 into law, giving final approval to an increase in the nation’s debt ceiling, setting in motion more than $2 trillion in deficit reductions and averting a potentially devastating calamity in the markets.

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Senate Republicans announce top committee staff

On the first day of the legislative session on Tuesday, many of the Senate's new Republican committee administrators were still receiving the keys to their offices and waiting for their phones to be set up. But for the most part, the top committee staffers who will help Senate Republicans govern in the majority for the first time since 1972 are hardly strangers to the Capitol.

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Walker names transition advisers

Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker turned to veterans of Tommy Thompson's administration and a former lieutenant governor to advise and assist him with his transition into office and deal with the state's economic woes.

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