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Voter ID opposition goes up on airwaves

Our Vote Our Future, the main group opposing a proposed constitutional amendment requiring voters to show photo identification, released its first television spot. The commercial features former DFL Secretary of State Joan Growe, who held the office for more than two decades, and will be broadcast in the Twin Cities Market beginning Monday.

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DFL third-party and anti-amendment groups still winning the fundraising wars

A trio of DFL third-party groups -- comprised of Alliance for a Better Minnesota, Win Minnesota and the 2012 Fund -- are still significantly out-raising a slew of independent expenditures groups on the right. And in the battle of the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment -- the most high profile fight this cycle and drawing the most donations -- groups opposing the amendment are still pulling in conservatively more than pro-amendment groups.

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Mondale, Carlson will lead anti-voter ID campaign

Former Vice President Walter Mondale and former Gov. Arne Carlson will lead the effort to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls. They'll be joined by former congressman Tim Penny and veteran civil rights activist Josie Johnson as co-chairs of Our Vote Our Future.

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