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nuclear power plant construction moratorium

Feb 17, 2011

House votes to lift nuclear moratorium

The Minnesota House passed a bill to eliminate the moratorium on new nuclear power plants on a 81 to 50 vote Thursday.

Jan 13, 2011

Voter ID, emissions ban repeal bills introduced

The bills cover a more diverse range of subjects than the first introduced, which focused on fiscal and regulatory issues, along with alternative licensure and nuclear energy.

Jan 10, 2011

Senate kicks off session with “jobs bill,” lifting nuclear plant ban

Lawmakers rolled out the first bills of the 2011 session Monday, with Senate Republicans marking their new-found control of the chamber with proposals they pushed relentlessly in the minority.

Oct 1, 2010

MN Republicans and DFLers are polar opposites in Sierra Club scorecard

The Sierra Club's 2009-2010 scorecard for Minnesota legislators shows a lopsided record between Republicans and DFLers. Greater Minnesota DFLers also often scored lower than urban DFLers.

Mar 4, 2010

Bill to lift nuclear plant construction ban stalls in Senate committee

The state Senate last year passed a bill that lifted the state's moratorium on nuclear power plant construction. After an important committee vote on Thursday, its chances in 2010 appear bleak.

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