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Some surprises from Forecast Day

In the large view, a lot about Wednesday's release of the November economic forecast was entirely preordained. The news, once again, was going to be bad. The governor would then sling arrows at the Democrats in the Legislature, after which the press corps in attendance would scuttle downstairs to hear the Democrats in the Legislature sling arrows at the governor. But the day held a few surprises as well.

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Unallotment redux? The forecast, the deficit and the ticking clock

For budget watchers at the Capitol, the main question concerning the November economic forecast that will be released at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday is how big is the hole? Most observers we've talked to are expecting an additional revenue shortfall on the high side of the $500 million to $1 billion range. Many also think the news could be followed by more unilateral budget cuts from Gov. Tim Pawlenty before the Legislature reconvenes in February.

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