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Taxing times for new revenue commissioner

Myron Frans didn't ease into his new role in the Minnesota political world. Within days of starting his job as Gov. Mark Dayton's head of Revenue on April 6, Frans and Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter penned a contentious letter to Republican leaders. It warned them that their budgets were at least $1.2 billion shy of solving the state's $5 billion budget deficit, and were based on unsound fiscal notes and estimates.

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Minnesota’s budget showdown could threaten the state’s credit rating

Minnesota has traditionally enjoyed high marks from the three primary credit rating agencies - Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings. Starting in 1997, all three firms gave the state their highest Aaa rating. But in 2003 Moody's downgraded Minnesota's bond rating to Aa1, citing concerns about balancing the state's books through volatile, short-term fixes. The assessments of the three firms have remained fixed ever since.

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Dayton admin finance officials question fiscal accuracy of GOP budgets

The top two finance officials in Gov. Mark Dayton's administration believe that budget proposals put forth by the GOP-controlled Legislature fall short of balancing the state's books by at least $1 billion. In a letter to legislative leaders, Revenue Commissioner Myron Franz and Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter detail concerns about the fiscal soundness of budget plans recently passed by the House and Senate.

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