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LGA fight ratchets up pressure on GOP legislators

During a stop at the Capitol following Gov. Mark Dayton's budget rollout, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak paused to ruminate about one unintended consequence of the budget battles waged through the years by the administration of Gov. Tim Pawlenty. According to Rybak, Pawlenty's habit of taking the unallotment cleaver to local government aid programs built deep bonds between affected city officials around Minnesota.

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‘Tax reform’ easy to discuss, hard to do

Mark Haveman, executive director of the Minnesota Taxpayers Association, is just as puzzled as the next fiscal analyst when it comes to figuring out how the conservatives who control the state Legislature can devise a solution to the state's $6.2 billion deficit that Gov. Mark Dayton is willing to sign.

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Back to basics

Lynn Reed, the Minnesota Taxpayers Association’s (MTA) executive director, has had an eventful year. He covered a grueling five-month budget session with a shortened staff. ...

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