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David Strom: A tax bill’s Legacy costs

The Minnesota Senate has gotten truly ambitious by pushing a plan to reform the sales tax, broadening the base and reducing the overall sales tax rate. By doing so they can appear to be lowering taxes, while in fact increasing the state’s tax receipts.

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Federal judge tosses some Brodkorb claims

A federal judge has dismissed claims that former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb was defamed by comments made about his lawsuit by the former Secretary of the Senate. The ruling narrows Brodkorb's case against the Senate to federal and state allegations of gender discrimination.

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JoAnne Zoff is incoming Senate majority’s pick for Secretary of the Senate

Former Senate Counsel chief JoAnne Zoff is the Senate DFL’s pick to fill the Secretary of the Senate job. Incoming Majority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, plans to nominate her to oversee the Senate’s non-partisan offices and handle parliamentary matters on the floor when the Senate convenes January 8. Zoff will be rejoining the Senate after a brief retirement and replaces Cal Ludeman in the non-partisan post.

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DFLers exult over reclaiming legislative majorities

Before closing his victory speech after winning back the DFL majority in the Minnesota Senate, a teary-eyed DFL Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk grabbed the arm of one of his first-time candidates and lifted it high. “I want to introduce you to Senator-elect Melisa Franzen,” Bakk shouted to an exuberant crowd of DFLers gathered in downtown St. Paul at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. “They didn’t lose because they are Republicans; they lost because they are wrong.”

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