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DFLers exult over reclaiming legislative majorities

Before closing his victory speech after winning back the DFL majority in the Minnesota Senate, a teary-eyed DFL Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk grabbed the arm of one of his first-time candidates and lifted it high. “I want to introduce you to Senator-elect Melisa Franzen,” Bakk shouted to an exuberant crowd of DFLers gathered in downtown St. Paul at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. “They didn’t lose because they are Republicans; they lost because they are wrong.”

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Roll call: GOP +16 in Senate, +25 in House

So here's the list as it currently stands. Races in which it appears an automatic recount will be triggered --five by our reckoning, all in the House -- are bolded. In addition, there are still only partial returns in Rep. Terry Morrow's re-election bid in 23A.

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