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State to buy down $636 million in school shifts

Starting later in October, Minnesota schools will start seeing some more of the money that state lawmakers in 2011 delayed to plug a multi-billion dollar budget deficit. Improved tax collections and less spending than anticipated allow for the state to pay $636 million to schools that were delayed to address a $5 billion budget deficit.

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Decade of Minnesota budget cuts adding up

Based on fiscal review documents created by Senate staff each year, the state has cut projected spending over the decade by roughly $7 billion. The largest chunk of those reductions, roughly $3.3 billion, has occurred in the health and human services sector, the fastest growing segment of the budget.

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As promised, Pawlenty vetoes DFL budget fix

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty made good on his threat to veto a DFL budget fix approved by the Legislature and sent the bill back this afternoon, calling it "nonsensical" to increase taxes on job providers and chiding legislators for behavior that "sends a confusing and mixed message" to companies that want to produce jobs in the state.

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Unallotment decision: Five points to watch

So now what? The implications of Judge Kathleen Gearin's order suspending a portion of the budget cuts singlehandedly imposed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty last summer will likely take months to play themselves out. But here's a quick spin through some of what Donald Rumsfeld would call the "known unknowns" to watch in the days and weeks ahead.

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State weighs short-term borrowing

State finance officials last week told a House and Senate budget panel that they might have to borrow money for the first time since 1984 in order to keep state government operating. And a senior debt-management analyst conceded that the move could damage Minnesota's credit rating.

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Pawlenty talks Minnesota budget on Fox News

Gov. Tim Pawlenty talked about the Minnesota budget deficit on Fox News last Friday night. Notably, Pawlenty sounded a slightly different chord on K-12 education than he had in his press conference two days earlier, telling the host it would "probably" be spared cuts.

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