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Tech consolidation bill gets union pushback

During the 2008-09 biennium, Minnesota spent just over $360 million for information technology services, including software, hardware, contractors and personnel. State workers use more than 32,000 computers to do their jobs, according to a survey conducted last year by the Office of Enterprise Technology. The Amateur Sports Commission, for instance, has three computers, while the Department of Corrections has 4,500.

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MAPE releases legislative scorecard, endorsements

The Minnesota Association of Professional Employees has released its legislative rankings for the 2010 session. The public employees union scrutinized 16 House votes and 15 Senate votes in assessing the performance of legislators. Among the issues considered: support for the bonding bill and a plan to salvage the state's General Assistance Medical Care program for poor individuals.

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Union’s budget plan attacks Pawlenty patronage

Minnesota's state employees union announced last week that it had dug up $100 million in budget-cutting possibilities to help the state solve its mind-boggling deficit, but most of the scrutiny centered on a small portion of the proposal: a list of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's "questionable" political appointees.

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