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Budget deal still awaiting legislative approval

When Gov. Tim Pawlenty and legislative leaders announced late Sunday night that they'd reached a deal to close the state's nearly $3 billion budget deficit, the session was expected to be over in a few hours. But the approval process has dragged on much longer than anticipated.

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DFL offers second counter-proposal to end budget standoff

DFL legislative leaders have put forth a second proposal aimed at ending the budget impasse prior to the midnight deadline for passage. The key moving pieces: a revamped deal to salvage the General Assistance Medical Care Program and a bill authorizing early expansion of the state's Medicaid program if Gov. Tim Pawlenty or the state's next top executive opts to do so.

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Gov. Pawlenty proposes deal to break budgetary impasse

With time quickly running out on the legislative session, Gov. Tim Pawlenty has put forth a new proposal to settle the state's nearly $3 billion budget deficit. The deal would include $1.8 billion in accounting shifts and all of the unilateral budget cuts that Pawlenty made last year. It would also rely on $408 million in federal Medicaid dollars that have not yet been appropriated by Congress, but are expected to pass later this year.

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Legislators emerge from budget powwow expressing optimism

House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher described this afternoon's budget talks as "fairly positive." Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem called the negotiating session "very productive." Brian McClung, spokesman for Gov. Tim Pawlenty, said "there's no reason we can't come together on this and conclude in a timely manner."

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