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How the lege was won

In many cases, DFLers simply got caught in an undertow in districts that are fundamentally split in their political allegiances; in some, like rural Senate District 16, they handed back control of districts no one had expected them to win in the first place; in others, it appears, they failed to take steps to protect incumbents who faced discernible pockets of Republican opposition.

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Prelude to a recount

Mark Dayton became the first DFL governor-elect in 24 years under the unlikeliest of circumstances on Tuesday night, beating Republican Tom Emmer by a final margin of fewer than 10,000 votes out of more than 2 million cast. The exceedingly slim margin - less than half of one percent - will trigger an automatic recount.

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Dayton’s money dominates in gov race

At this stage in the governor's race four years ago, Republican Tim Pawlenty, DFLer Mike Hatch and the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson had collected nearly $5 million in contributions, with the incumbent Pawlenty hauling in about three-fifths of that total.

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Dayton plays to moderates, tries to avoid late miscues

In the final weeks leading up to the general election, Democratic political operatives and pundits seem haunted by what many refer to as “the ghost of Mike Hatch.” Like this year’s DFL gubernatorial nominee, Mark Dayton, Hatch was leading in nearly every poll in the final month before Election Day 2006, and Democrats across the state were starting to see a clear path to the governor’s office for the first time since Iron Ranger Rudy Perpich won re-election in 1986.

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