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Ballot measures key part of GOP agenda

The passage of the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was the defining moment of the final days of Minnesota’s 2011 legislative session, and the first modern Republican-controlled Legislature is gearing up to bypass DFL Gov. Mark Dayton’s signature again next year and add a few more to the 2012 ballot.

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Revenue without ‘taxes’

With Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal to place a fourth-tier income tax on the state’s wealthiest earners running into a Republican wall of opposition, any compromise that moves Dayton’s way on revenue is likely to find legislators sifting through lower-profile options such as shifts, fees, tax loopholes and surcharges to close the gap.

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Gambling bills may be headed for photo finish

In previous legislative sessions, proposals to expand gambling have attracted more support from Republicans than DFLers. Given Minnesota's $5 billion state budget deficit and the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate, gambling proposals would seem to stand a much-improved chance of landing on the governor's desk as part of a budget agreement.

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The makings of a No Deal finish

Though there is still a month left, DFLers and Republicans in the Legislature are showing no signs of moving toward a compromise budget deal to close the projected $5 billion general fund deficit by the constitutionally required May 23 adjournment date. Around the halls of the Capitol, it is increasingly an article of faith that there will be no deal by then.

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