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DFLers flock to rare open seat in 64B

Minnesota House seats like one now represented by St. Paul DFL Rep. Michael Paymar don’t open up that often. Like many urban districts, it’s a safe haven for Democrats — and the sort of prize that is rarely put up for grabs. Paymar has represented House District 64B for 17 years, winning re-election with margins around 70 percent or higher in the last four cycles.

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Harrington heads to DFL primary in SD 67

Harrington faced two challengers - former St. Paul City Council member Tom Dimond and activist Foung Hawj - for the endorsement Saturday. After four ballots, Harrington led Dimond 46 to 40 percent, no where near the 60 percent threshold needed to earn the party's endorsement.

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Teachers union may get schooled

A ferocious pushback by Education Minnesota cast the 70,000-member statewide teacher's union in the role of session bogeyman. The union and its head, Tom Dooher, fought the bill to a standstill in the end; it lost by a tight 68-65 margin in the House, and did not reach the floor in the Senate.

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