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The omnibus tax bill: what’s in, what’s out

The omnibus tax bill passed by the House and Senate in the final 24 hours of the legislative session contains $2.1 billion in additional revenues. That much is easy to decipher. But within that broad outline there are inter-connecting rate hikes, credits, exemptions and expenditures that will take days or weeks to fully unpack.

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Marty laments campaign finance proposals

On the afternoon that the House cast its historic vote in favor of gay marriage — completely monopolizing attention at the Capitol — the Senate quietly debated a bill overhauling the state’s campaign finance rules. Most notably, the bill would significantly increase caps on spending and contributions for political campaigns.

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Senate’s Mayo bill aligns with House version

A revamped proposal to help the Mayo Clinic build a "destination medical center" was vetted at the Senate Taxes Committee on Monday. The legislation now largely parallels the House version of the bill, with the state's share of the $5.5 billion project shrinking considerably.

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Hann supports Mayo DMC as a standalone bill

Hann, alongside Rochester GOP Sens. Dave Senjem and Carla Nelson, said Thursday he strongly supports Mayo’s $6 billion proposed expansion surrounding the clinic, which would include a $585 million state and local contribution to pay for infrastructure improvements in conjunction with the project.

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