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Bonding: On second thought…

Next week Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to detail exactly what he’d like to see in a bonding bill this year. On Tuesday he provided a sneak preview, indicating that the capital investment package would be worth roughly $750 million. That’s a 50 percent increase over what was proposed in his initial budget in January.

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House passes health exchange bill; Senate will vote Thursday

Rep. Joe Atkins (Staff photo: Peter Bartz-Gallagher) Legislation establishing a health insurance exchange cleared the House on a largely partisan vote on Monday evening. The 72-58 vote followed more than five hours of contentious debate over the proposal to provide a marketplace for individuals and businesses to purchase insurance products under the federal Affordable Care Act.

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Marriage amendment had big impact in burbs

Rumblings about the marriage amendment’s unpopularity in the western suburbs came early in the campaign season. Orange and blue “vote no” signs vastly outnumbered “vote yes” ones, particularly in places like Edina, and Republican candidates running for the Legislature avoided the issue at the doors and in debates at all cost.

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Zellers won’t seek House GOP top job in minority

House Speaker Kurt Zellers said he won’t seek the caucus’s top leadership position when they hold their post-election meeting on Saturday. Less than 24 hours after both houses of the Legislature flipped from Republican to DFL control, Zellers said he thought it best for him to step aside.

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County merger project disappoints

Far away from St. Paul, a group of counties in southeastern Minnesota has been trying to convert the much-talked-about notion of government services consolidation into reality. For Laura Elvebak, Waseca County’s administrator, the county’s outlook makes what’s generally known as government redesign a matter of survival.

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