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Property tax change will shift the burden

As local elected officials prepare their 2012 budgets, they’re feeling the aftermath of a property tax law change by state lawmakers. In order to save about $500 million toward solving a $5 billion state budget deficit, lawmakers killed off the market value homestead credit (MVHC), which had been a product of 2001 property tax reform legislation passed during Gov. Jesse Ventura’s administration.

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The makings of a No Deal finish

Though there is still a month left, DFLers and Republicans in the Legislature are showing no signs of moving toward a compromise budget deal to close the projected $5 billion general fund deficit by the constitutionally required May 23 adjournment date. Around the halls of the Capitol, it is increasingly an article of faith that there will be no deal by then.

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‘Tax reform’ easy to discuss, hard to do

Mark Haveman, executive director of the Minnesota Taxpayers Association, is just as puzzled as the next fiscal analyst when it comes to figuring out how the conservatives who control the state Legislature can devise a solution to the state's $6.2 billion deficit that Gov. Mark Dayton is willing to sign.

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Pensions: Can the center hold?

During floor debate on the omnibus pension bill on May 5, state Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, offered an amendment that proposed to stop offering new employees defined benefit pensions and instead offer to a more market-based form of retirement savings known as defined contribution plans.

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