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Property tax change will shift the burden

As local elected officials prepare their 2012 budgets, they’re feeling the aftermath of a property tax law change by state lawmakers. In order to save about $500 million toward solving a $5 billion state budget deficit, lawmakers killed off the market value homestead credit (MVHC), which had been a product of 2001 property tax reform legislation passed during Gov. Jesse Ventura’s administration.

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Shutdown: The end is near

The agreed-upon "framework" is based on an approximately $35.5 billion spending offer GOP leaders presented to Dayton on the eve of the shutdown, which the governor re-presented to them — with added conditions — on Thursday. But there remain many questions about the particulars of the agreement.

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Several DFL legislators defeated in 2010 are getting back in the saddle

For former DFL Sen. Jim Carlson, it was a matter of a little reflection and time to “lick my wounds” before he knew he was ready to run again for the state Senate. Carlson, who served one term in the chamber, was ousted last fall by Republican newcomer Ted Daley as part of a massive GOP wave that saw the party take control of both the House and Senate for the first time in nearly four decades.

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JOBZ may be out of work soon

Part of Republican Rep. Linda Runbeck's pitch to voters on the campaign trail last fall concerned the urgent need she saw for business tax relief across the state. Now the House Property Taxes chairwoman from Circle Pines is back at the Legislature after more than a decade away, and she is aiming to get rid of programs that cropped up in her absence that, in her view, conflict with that promise.

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